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FSD celebrated the centenary of Finland's independence in 2017 by publishing a new theme page on the sixth day of each month. On the eve of the Independence Day, 5 December, we published a theme page entitled Life in the 100-year-old Finland, which features data collected in Finland in 2016, 2017 and 2018. These paint a picture of what Finland is like right now and what Finns think about different issues.

The data by theme pages contain information on data series and datasets on certain themes. The listed datasets mainly comprise survey data charting attitudes and opinions.

Life in the 100-year-old Finland

» Ageing and the Elderly
» Alcohol and Substance Use
» Children, Childhood and Family
» Crime
» Culture and Leisure
» Environment and Energy
» Equality and Impartiality
» Finnish Elections
» Food
» Local Government
» Media
» Health
» Immigration, Foreigners and Racism
» Past and Future
» Poverty
» Religion, Religiosity and Church
» Safety and Security
» Sexuality and Gender
» Sports and Physical Activity
» Students and Studying
» Well-being and Social Relationships
» Working Life
» Youth

updated 2018-01-23