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The FSD holdings include survey series and individual datasets studying administration, organisations and decision-making. These data could well be utilised, for instance, by researchers and students in the fields of administration, political science, and local government studies. This web page gives information on FSD data on government and administration, but please note that the surveys included are only a small sample of all archived data related to the topic. It is therefore worthwhile to search the FSD's data catalogue, also by keywords.

All quantitative datasets archived at the FSD have study descriptions in English. More detailed information on the variables of each dataset can be found in the codebooks attached to each survey. However, there are codebooks in English only for those datasets which have already been translated into English. More datasets are translated on request.

The data archived at the FSD are freely available for research and teaching purposes. More information on how to order data. There is also a list of links to other information sources related to government and administration at the bottom of the page.


There are plenty of data related to different organisations. Below are listed some examples of data pertaining to public administration, local government, and the European Union.

Public administration is studied, for example, in the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) series. ISSP is a continuous programme of cross-national collaboration on social science surveys, and it is based on annual, internationally integrated surveys carried out in all participating countries. Interesting data related to public administration can be found, for example, in FSD2248 ISSP 2006 : Role of Government IV : Finnish Data.

Public Procurement Notices contain data on public contracts that the state, municipalities, state enterprises and other contracting authorities have entered into.

FSD2721 Finnish Democracy Barometer 2012: Citizens charts public opinion on the state of democracy in Finland.

Local government is studied in the following survey series:

Finnish Working Life Barometers: Local Government Employees surveys the views of employees in the local government sector on their work organisation and working life in general.

Finnish Local Government 2004 data study various sectors of local government from the point of view of citizens and different actors.

City Service Surveys chart citizens' attitudes towards municipal services and administration.

Finnish Local Government Barometers cover opinions on local (municipal) democracy and self-government, local economy and services.

Individual data on local or municipal issues:

FSD2502 Public Safety Survey 2009 charted views and experiences on policing, public safety and security and services in the neighbourhood.

FSD2460 Politics of Competitive Tendering in Local Government 2008 studied the views of local decision-makers on the competitive tendering of social and health care services in 10 municipalities.

FSD2382 Finnish Youth Survey 2008 focused on young people's relationship with the municipality and their local participation.

The European Union is investigated in several variables and datasets. It is worthwhile to consider, for instance, the Finnish EU Attitudes survey series.

Decision-making and decision-makers

Finnish Local Government Barometers contain data pertaining to municipal decision-makers and local government decision-making.

FSD2628 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes 2011 probed views on political decision-making and to what extent certain actors influenced political decisions in Finland.

FSD2504 Media and Power 2009 studied decision-makers' views on what their power was based on and the relationship between decision-making and the media.

FSD2183 Women's Representation in National Parliaments 1970-2008 contain information on the percentage share of women representatives in national parliaments from the year 1970 to the year 2008.

Leadership and Power

Although leadership and power often overlap with other themes and these topics can also be found in the data related to organisations and decision-making, there are also data solely focusing on leadership:

The Finnish Local Government Barometers pertaining to municipal managers and local government chairpersons chart municipal leadership, management system, and changes in leadership models.

FSD2436 YLE News Survey on the Powers of the President, January 2009 polled public opinion on the powers of the President in Finland.

FSD1216 Democratization and Power Resources 1850-2000 is professor Tatu Vanhanen's large longitudinal study related to his long-term research on democratisation and power resources of different countries. Another Vanhanen's dataset FSD2420 Index of Power Resources (IPR) 2007 is also directly connected to the issue.

In FSD1239 Power Structures of Finnish Society 2001, the views of the Finnish power elite were queried for instance on the power of various institutions.

Other Data

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Data Distributed by Other Organizations

Eurobarometers study the EU from various angles. Several Eurobarometers have contained questions, for instance, on decision-making in the EU and to what extent people trust the EU. Eurobarometers are archived at GESIS and the data are accessible through their ZACAT Online Study Catalogue.

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The surveys listed on this page are only a small sample of all data related to government, administration and organisations archived at the FSD. It is therefore worthwhile to search the FSD's data catalogues. See also the search instructions.

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