Data on Information Technology in the Everyday Lives of Citizens

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Information technology is increasingly pervasive in people's work, studies, and leisure time. The phenomenon is described for example by terms such as ever-present or omnipresent information technology, and everyday or ubiquitous information society.

This web page gives information on data related to information technology archived at the FSD. Most of them are surveys, and some chart information society from a broader perspective whereas others only contain individual variables pertaining to information technology. The data archived at the FSD are freely available for research and teaching purposes. More information on how to order data.

All quantitative datasets archived at the FSD have study descriptions in English. More detailed information on the variables of each dataset can be found in the codebooks attached to each survey. However, there are codebooks in English only for those datasets which have already been translated into English. More datasets are translated on request.

Information Technology in Work and Studies

Information Technology in Leisure Time

Attitudes Towards and Notions of Information Technology

Access to Information Technology

  • Eurobarometers enable comparisons between different countries and over time. From 1995 onwards, the barometers have regularly charted the possession and use of various communications equipment, and how interested they are in various online services. From 2000 onwards, the surveys have also included questions on where the EU citizens use the Internet and for what purposes. Eurobarometer trend questions are presented on the web pages of the German Data Archive GESIS.
  • The library surveys of the Finnish Local Government 2004 project (FSD2145, FSD2146, FSD2147) include evaluations of computer and Internet services provided by municipal libraries in 1996, 1999, and 2002.
  • FSD1321 Living Conditions of Social Assistance Recipients and Social Work 1996 charted the social assistance recipients' possession of consumer durables, such as computer and mobile phone.

Effectiveness of Information Technology

Information Society

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The surveys listed on this page are only a small sample of all data related to information technology archived at the FSD. It is therefore worthwhile to search the FSD's data catalogue, also by keywords. See also the search instructions.

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