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FSD2116 European Social Survey 2004: Finnish Data


Jowell, Roger (City University. Centre for Comparative Social Surveys)
ESS Central Coordinating Team
Ervasti, Heikki (University of Turku. Department of Social Policy)

Keywords: complementary therapies, family life, folk medicine, labour and employment, medical care, political behaviour, political participation, public services, social networks, trust, values, well-being

The survey studied several themes, including the use of media, social trust, political participation and interest, political trust, political orientation and commitment, satisfaction with own circumstances and certain public services, perceptions of own well-being, religious views, experiences of discrimination, and national and ethnic identity. These themes are recurring in different ESS rounds.

Themes for the rotating modules in this collection round included health, use of medication and natural remedies, medical treatment and doctor's appointments, economic morality, trust and interaction between producers and consumers, balance between different areas of life, division of household work, family, work and well-being.

The self-administered follow-up questionnaire included the Schwartz Human Values Scale as well as test questions controlling the main questionnaire. Questions about alternative medicine, science and technology, and paranormal phenomena were also asked.

The respondents' socio-demographics were widely charted, including, among others, household composition, gender, age, type of neighbourhood, education, occupation, background information on spouse and parents, trade union membership, household income, and marital status.

» Up-to-date description of this dataset in Aila

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