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FSD3109 Horse Dealer Interviews 2012


Schuurman, Nora (University of Eastern Finland. Karelian Institute)

Keywords: animal rights, animals, customer service, customers, equestrian sports, horses, sales personnel, trade

The data contain Finnish horse dealers' interviews that examined the impact of the interaction between man and horse on the trade situation. Ethical questions on the wellbeing of horses in horse trading were also studied.

The interviewees were asked about things such as the fulfilment of customers' expectations of horses, the impact of the chemistry between the horse and the customer on the sales process, how the dealers guided the customers, and how the dealers knew whether the horse was suitable for the customer. Furthermore, the dealers were asked to reminisce a successful horse trade, and an instance where they had had to intervene with the choice made by the customer. Lastly, the respondents were asked how often horses were returned to them and how they acted in these situations.

The background information included the date of the interview, as well as the interviewee's age, gender, and the time they had been in the horse dealing industry.

» Up-to-date description of this dataset in Aila

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