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FSD3207 Interviews of Male Metalworkers after Job Loss at Rauma Shipyard 2016


Rantanen, Teijo (University of Tampere)

Keywords: career, dismissal, docks, gender, industrial workers, men, shipyards, termination of service, unemployed, unemployment, well-being (health)

The data contain interviews of seven male metalworkers who had been laid off from the Rauma shipyard in 2014. All interviewees were either unemployed, retired or underemployed at the time of the interview, and all of them had had a career of more than 20 years at shipyards. They were asked to tell about their own work history, their time at the shipyard, and their time unemployed.

The themes of the interview included childhood and family background, meaning of work, work community, feelings after being laid off, current everyday life, social relations after losing work, meaning of money and property, well-being and health, and unemployment more generally in Finland. Finally, the interviewees were asked to tell about their future plans.

Background information included interview date and duration as well as the age, occupation, pseudonym and gender of the interviewee. The data were organised into an easy to use html version at FSD.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

» Up-to-date description of this dataset in Aila

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