New data releases

This page lists our most recent data releases. You can also subscribe to this list via a RSS feed to receive regular updates.

2018-05-22FSD3237ISSP 2017: Social Networks and Social Resources III: Finnish DataQuanti
2018-05-22FSD3234EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes 2018Quanti
2018-05-22FSD3161Forest Owners' Views on Forest Biodiversity Programme METSO and Forest Use 2014Quanti
2018-05-09FSD3238Public Procurement Notices 2017Quanti
2018-04-13FSD3217European Social Survey 2016: Finnish DataQuanti
2018-04-13FSD3158Forest Professionals' Experiences and Views on Voluntary Forest Conservation and Forest Management Planning 2014Quanti
2018-04-04FSD3220Finnish Working Life Barometer 2016Quanti
2018-04-04FSD3185Student Feedback Survey for Bachelor Graduates 2016Quanti
2018-03-28FSD3223Opinions on Security Policy 2017Quanti
2018-03-28FSD3084Doctoral Student Survey 2015Quanti
2018-03-28FSD3169FSD3169 Tampere Praksis: Cooperation between Social Counsellor and Social Worker in Family ServicesQuali
2018-03-23FSD3205Police Barometer 2016Quanti
2018-03-16FSD3152Finnish Energy Attitudes 2015Quanti
2018-03-08FSD3182Employment Survey of Tampere University Graduates 2015Quanti
2018-03-02FSD3200Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2008Quanti
2018-03-02FSD3201Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2009Quanti
2018-02-26FSD3199Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2007Quanti
2018-02-26FSD3198Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2006Quanti
2018-02-23FSD3197Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2005Quanti
2018-02-16FSD3195Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2003Quanti
2018-02-16FSD3196Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2004Quanti
2018-02-14FSD3194Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns, Autumn 2002Quanti
2018-02-09FSD3193Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns, Spring 2002Quanti
2018-02-06FSD3130City Service Survey 2012Quanti
2018-01-22FSD3110Domestic Violence Met by Educated Women 2015Quanti
2018-01-10FSD3173Political Orientation of Students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2017Quanti
2018-01-05FSD3186Residents' Barometer 2016Quanti
2018-01-02FSD3181Alcohol and Drug Survey 2014Quanti
2018-01-02FSD3160Broader Impact of Research in Society 2016Quanti
2018-01-02FSD3159Survey on the Role of Doctoral Degree Holders in Society 2016Quanti
updated 2018-05-23