New data releases

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2018-09-10FSD3204Power Structures of Finnish Society 2011Quanti
2018-09-05FSD3208Gustaf Alfred af Hällström: library and purchases of printed works 1845-1861Quali
2018-09-04FSD3100Citizen Deliberation on the Swedish Language and Swedish-speaking Minority in Finland: Recruitment Survey 2014Quanti
2018-09-04FSD3102Citizen Deliberation on the Swedish Language and Swedish-speaking Minority in Finland: Post-deliberation Survey 2014Quanti
2018-09-04FSD3101Citizen Deliberation on the Swedish Language and Swedish-speaking Minority in Finland: Control Survey 2014Quanti
2018-08-28FSD3190Strategic Management of Occupational Healthcare and Workplace Well-Being in Municipal Organisations: Personnel Management 2015Quanti
2018-08-07FSD3126Interviews of Active Members of the Association for Cultural Workers in Finland 2012-2013Quali
2018-08-01FSD3147Tampere Praksis: Service Counsellor and Service Manager Views on Family Service Counselling 2016Quali
2018-08-01FSD3166Writing Competition on the Future of Work in Finland 2016-2017Quali
2018-07-18FSD3189Interaction between Knowledge and Decision-Making 2017Quanti
2018-07-17FSD3075Finnish Experiences of Indoor Air Quality Problems 2014Quali
2018-07-16FSD3148WeAll Media Data on Equality Issues in Working Life and Education 2016Quali
2018-07-11FSD3184Diaconia Barometer 2016Quanti
2018-07-11FSD3207Interviews of Male Metalworkers after Job Loss at Rauma Shipyard 2016Quali
2018-07-09FSD3168Private Bills in the Finnish Parliament 1999-2014Quanti
2018-07-06FSD3124Doctoral Graduates of Years 2012-2013: Career and Employment Survey 2015Quanti
2018-07-05FSD3055Doctoral Graduates of Years 2010-2011: Career and Employment Survey 2013Quanti
2018-07-04FSD3078Doctoral Graduates of Years 2008-2009: Career and Employment Survey 2011Quanti
2018-07-02FSD2556Finnish National Election Studies 2003-2015: combined dataQuanti
2018-06-28FSD3165Helsinki Deaconess Institute Housing Services 2013Quali
2018-06-27FSD3219Charity Participation Survey 2017Quanti
2018-06-26FSD3274School Well-being Profile 2017-2018: Upper Secondary InstitutionsQuanti
2018-06-26FSD3272School Well-being Profile 2017-2018: Primary School, Grades 4-6Quanti
2018-06-26FSD3275School Well-being Profile 2017-2018: PersonnelQuanti
2018-06-26FSD3273School Well-being Profile 2017-2018: Lower Secondary School, Grades 7-9Quanti
2018-06-21FSD3192Finnish Views on Democracy and Political Issues 2017Quanti
2018-06-21FSD3175Rehabilitation Counsellors, Disabled Clients and Interaction 2006Quanti
2018-06-21FSD3132Secondary Use of Health and Social Care Data 2016Quanti
2018-06-20FSD3139Pets as Family Members 2014-2015Quali
2018-06-15FSD3261Gambling Harm Survey 2016Quanti
2018-06-12FSD3224University Student Health Survey 2016Quanti
updated 2018-09-23