New data releases

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2017-08-03FSD3090Family Planning Survey: Women 1994Quanti
2017-08-02FSD3088FSD3088 Amateur Naturalism and Activities of Nature and Wildlife Organizations: Printed Media Data 1972-2011Quali
2017-07-31FSD3057New Students in Universities 2014: First ImpressionsQuanti
2017-07-31FSD3056New Students in Universities 2013: First ImpressionsQuanti
2017-07-31FSD3080Collaborative Planning of Urban Green Infrastructure 2013Quali
2017-07-18FSD3065Guides on Immigration 2005Quali
2017-07-07FSD3122Employment Survey of Tampere University Graduates 2014Quanti
2017-07-07FSD3059Employment Survey of Tampere University Postgraduates 2008-2009Quanti
2017-07-07FSD3079Memories and Mental Images of Phenomena Related to Radioactivity 2015Quali
2017-07-04FSD3073PIAAC 2012: Survey of Adult Skills: Finnish DataQuanti
2017-07-03FSD3027Finland's Foreign Trade: Value of Exports 1840-2000Quanti
2017-07-03FSD3026Finland's Foreign Trade: Value of Imports 1840-2000Quanti
2017-06-27FSD3154Attitudes towards Corporal Punishment of Children in Finland: Summer 2006Quanti
2017-06-27FSD3138Death, Loss and Memory 2014Quali
2017-05-15FSD3151Support Needs of Families with Children 2014Quanti
2017-05-15FSD3128Aalto University Teacher Views on Entrepreneurship 2012Quali
2017-05-15FSD3125My University in 2025: Writing Competition 2014-2015Quali
2017-05-15FSD3087Career and Study Counselling Provided in Finnish Suunta E-Guidance Service 2013Quali
2017-05-02FSD3149ISSP 2016: Role of Government V: Finnish DataQuanti
2017-05-02FSD3129Children and Youth Leisure Survey 2016Quanti
2017-05-02FSD3134Child Barometer 2016Quanti
2017-05-02FSD3017Back Pain, Sickness Absences and Leg Length Discrepancy 2008Quanti
2017-04-05FSD3157EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes 2017Quanti
2017-04-03FSD3156Register Data on Vacancies Notified to Public Employment Service 2016Quanti
2017-04-03FSD3150Attitudes towards Corporal Punishment of Children in Finland 2014Quanti
2017-04-03FSD3142Opinions on Security Policy 2016Quanti
2017-04-03FSD3137Finnish Science Barometer 2016Quanti
2017-04-03FSD3133Development Cooperation Survey 2016Quanti
2017-03-17FSD3136Finnish Youth Survey 2016Quanti
2017-02-20FSD3094Gallup Ecclesiastica 2011Quanti
2017-02-13FSD3081Social Media Work in Evangelical Lutheran Parishes 2012Quanti
2017-02-13FSD3058Employment Survey of Tampere University Postgraduates 2006-2007Quanti
2017-02-13FSD3051Employment Survey of Tampere University Bachelor Graduates of 2011Quanti
2017-02-13FSD3053Employment Survey of Tampere University Bachelor Graduates of 2013Quanti
2017-02-13FSD3052Employment Survey of Tampere University Bachelor Graduates of 2012Quanti
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