Ordering Data

Data archived at FSD are freely available for research and teaching purposes.

All archived quantitative datasets have a study description in English. The actual data of many quantitative datasets, that is, variable and value labels, have already been translated into English, in which case the study description contains a link to a codebook in English. FSD translates quantitative datasets from Finnish into English for non-Finnish speaking researchers and students on request, free of charge. Qualitative data are available in the original language (mostly Finnish) only.

Please contact FSD staff if you have any questions related to the data.

Further information:

Forms for ordering data

When ordering data, you need to fill in and sign both of these two forms and send them to FSD:

Mail address:
Finnish Social Science Data Archive
FI-33014 University of Tampere

Fax number: +358 3 343 9088

More information on filling in the forms and forms in RTF and ASCII formats are available on our forms page. You can order sevaral datasets with one access application but please note that for each different purpose of use there must be a separate application. If several persons use the data, each person must send a separate, personally signed Agreement on material use conditions. FSD will enter the contact information of all applicants in its client database.

Delivery time

If the data have already been translated into English, the archive will deliver the data in a few days after approving the access application and receiving the signed Agreement on material use conditions. If the data need to be translated, the archive will provide an estimate of the time needed for translation.

Data formats

If not requested otherwise, data are delivered in SPSS portable format (*.por). FSD can also deliver data in other formats, with certain restrictions. A list of available formats.

Using data for teaching

Data can be used for teaching. The teacher must send an access application and a signed Agreement on material use conditions to FSD. The name and length of the course, and the number of participants should be specified in the access application. Course participants do not need to sign any forms.

Instructions for students

Students can use FSD data for term papers and theses. They need to fill in an access application and sign an Agreement on material use conditions, thus complying with FSD's normal ordering procedure. Undergraduates should discuss the matter with their supervisor/tutor first.

Storing and disposing data

When storing and disposing of archived data, users must take sufficient measures to guarantee data security, privacy and confidentiality. Only the person(s) named in the access application may have access to the data. Results of the secondary analysis must reported in a way that there is no risk of disclosing the identity of any research subject (e.g. using statistical tables/charts).

The data may only be used for the purposes stated in the access application. If the data are needed for some other research or teaching purpose, a new access application must be sent/e-mailed to the archive. Once the purpose has been met, the data must be disposed of. This can be done, for instance, by deleting the files from the hard disk.

Citing data

The source must be acknowledged in any text, table or chart based wholly or in part on the data.

updated 2014-04-01