[fnes194] Type of employer

Comparability Class

Coding Scheme

Comparability Notes

Differently formulated in FNES1. In FNES1, practically the same information can be found in variables Q92_1-6.

Dataset Variable Valid Invalid Min First Quartile Median Third Quartile Max Mean StdDev
FSD2269 D13 650 1 5
FSD2653 D13 595 1 5
FSD3067 D13 914 1 5
State, government agency, municipality, church, parish
Private company
State-owned or municipality-owned enterprise
So called third sector (e.g. non-profit organisation)
Can't say
State, municipality or church
Company which is largely owned by a municipality or the government
Can't say (spontaneous)
  • [fnes194] Type of employer
    • [fnes194] Type of employer
      • FSD2653 - D13
        [fnes194] Type of employer
      • FSD2269 - D13
        [fnes194] Type of employer
      • FSD3067 - D13
        [fnes194] In which sector do you work?