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Number 2/2001


O Professor Harri Melin: ISSP is a remarkable resource for comparative social science

This year, Finland participated for the first time in the ISSP conference in Umeå. Finnish representatives were professor Raimo Blom and professor Harri Melin from the Department of Sociology and Social Psychology at the University of Tampere and the Chairman of the Board of the FSD, professor Risto Sänkiaho. Read more.

O Personal Data Act and research materials in Finland

In social sciences and humanities one is often in a situation where personal information on single individuals is collected and processed. The activities of the researcher are controlled by legislation and research ethics. The right to privacy is a basic right in Finland, and in the ethics of science, the respect for human dignity and protection of the anonymity of those studied are in a very prominent position.Read more.

O Publishing the FSD data catalogue in the WWW

Systems Analyst Matti Heinonen has developed a programme that carries out the publishing of the data catalogue. Read more.

O Web resources for method teachers

On June, the FSD arranged for the second time a nation-wide seminar for social scientific method course teachers at the universities. At the seminar, a preliminary version of a web resource developed to support teaching of research methods was presented. Read more.

O IASSIST conference in Amsterdam 14.-19.5.2001: International co-operation

In the numerous workshops of the IASSIST conference, topical subjects relating to archiving and reuse of social scientific materials and possibilities for international co-operation were discussed. The FSD's conference participants have written down their impressions. Read more.

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