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Menetelmäopetuksen tietovaranto - SPSS-opas

MOTV:n opetusaineisto: Eurobarometri 53, huhti-toukokuu 2000 (osa-aineisto)

Aineisto on tarkoitettu opetuskäyttöön menetelmäopetuksen tietovarannon kautta.
Aineistoon on valittu 30% satunnaisotos alkuperäisaineiston Suomen, Ruotsin ja Tanskan havainnoista, yhteensä 897 havaintoa.

Osa-aineisto sisältää seuraavat muuttujat:

Q1                 Country
Q2                 When you get together with friends, would you say you discuss political matters
                   frequently, occasionally, or never?
Q4                 On the whole, are you very satisfied, fairly satisfied, not very satisfied or not
                   at all satisfied with the life you lead ? Would you say you are...? 
Q28                In the near future do you see yourself as ... ? 
Q29                Would you say you are very proud, fairly proud, not very proud, not at all proud to 
Q43C01 - Q43C14    Here is a list. Can you tell me which policy area, or areas, the European Parliament 
                   should pay particular attention to to defend your interests? You can choose
                   a maximum of three.
Q6401 - Q6408      Overall, what do you think of the quality of mobile telephone services that you use? 
                   Would you say it is very good, fairly good, fairly bad, or very bad?
Q79AC01 - Q79AC14  Which of the following do you have at home?
SUM                Number of Internet, Multimedia etc. devices at home (Q79AC01 + ... + Q79AC13)
D7                 Could you give me the letter which corresponds best to your own current situation?
D8                 How old were you when you stopped full-time education?
D10                Sex
D11                How old are you?
D12R               How many people live in your household, including yourself, all adults and children?
D15AR              What is your current occupation?
D15BR              Did you do any paid work in the past? What was your last occupation?
D19A               Are you in your household the person mainly responsible for ordinary shopping and
                   looking after the home?
D19B               Are you in your household the person who contributes most to the household income?
D21AR              What is the current occupation of the person who contributes most to the household

Lataa aineisto SPSS-System (osaev53.sav) tai Portable-muodossa (osaev53.por).

viimeksi päivitetty 2004-07-02

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