The FSD's main function is to archive, promote and disseminate digital research data for research, teaching and learning purposes. In addition to its main functions, the FSD also offers other services to researchers, students and other clients.

Depositing Data

Advantages of archiving
What kind of data are archived?
Requirements for archiving
Depositing procedures
Data processing procedures
Suggest material to be archived
Depositing forms

Information Services

FSD User Services offer advice and help on research data retrieval and use, and also on research data management in general. Our emphasis is on data collected in Finland and archived at the FSD, but we gladly inform researchers and students about various international resources too. The information service is free of charge.
» We are happy to help you! Read more in our FAQ or contact the User Services directly.

Data Management Guidelines

What issues should research teams agree on regarding research data before data are collected? How should research participants be informed? How to document and describe data to ensure subsequent data sharing? The answers to these questions and many others can be found in the Data Management Guidelines published by the FSD.

The Data Management Guidelines focus on the situation in Finland and the requirements set by the Finnish legislation. One of the main aims is to help researchers who work in Finland but do not speak Finnish and methodology teachers holding courses for people who do not speak Finnish.
» Data Management Guidelines

Partnerships and Links

» Data archives and other relevant organisation links

FSD is a member of many international social science data organisations.
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