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Issue 27 (2/2009)

ISSN 1795-5262

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FSD Bulletin is the electronic newsletter of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. The Bulletin provides information and news related to the data archive and social science research.


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In Brief

» Data Archive Moved
» Centre for Gender Equality Information Employees Started
» Sami Borg Appointed as IFDO President

Data Archive Moved

The Data Archive moved in July to the new Virta building of the University of Tampere. The Archive's new street address is Åkerlundinkatu 5. Also the telephone numbers of the FSD have changed. However, the postal address of the Archive and the e-mail addresses of the staff remained unchanged. The new contact information and directions have been updated on the web.

More information:
» Contact information
» Directions

Centre for Gender Equality Information Employees Started

The Centre for Gender Equality Information recruited two employees, Doctor of Political Science Sari Pikkala as Information Services Manager and Master of Theology Annukka Jamisto as Information Services Specialist.

In the spring, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health assigned the FSD to launch the Gender Equality Information service. The aim of the one-year project is to plan out and launch the Centre for Gender Equality Information. The core functions of the Centre are to gather, process and distribute information related to gender equality and gender research. It aims at serving a wide range of users: public administration, research, the media, politics, organisations, companies, and ordinary citizens.

In the autumn, the main focus of the project is to build a new web portal, which is to be launched in December 2009. The new web portal will replace the Minna Web Portal for Women's Studies and Gender Equality, which has been online since 2004.

More information:
» Minna portal (in Finnish)

Sami Borg Appointed as IFDO President

Director of FSD Sami Borg was appointed as the next President of IFDO (International Federation of Data Organizations for the Social Science) in its annual meeting in Tampere in May. The long-term IFDO President Ekkehard Mochmann from the German Data Archive retired from his position.

More information:
» IFDO website